Welcome to the blog of while we are away.

beach no kidsbeach


I am starting to write about the events of our trip.  I’ve even put up some pictures!

We are currently in Hammam Sousse in Tunisia.  We have an apartment at the beach, with a pool and a beach bar just outside.

Here is Rich’s birthday!  We made him a peach pie!

Rich's bday lunchJet rolling pieRich's birthday

We can’t find sugar at the store except in cubes, so we had to grind up some sugar cubes. We also substituted a packet of pudding mix for the thickener, and had to use a bottle of vitamins for a rolling pin!

Today the sea was as flat as a lake. The temperature in the last few days has cooled from the high 30’s to the low 30’s and for the first time I feel comfortable outside and less like a roasting chicken.  Today had the feel of a lovely Ontario summer day, minus the humidity. A return to the high thirties is predicted for the rest of the week.  It was a nice respite!

We swim and watch Little House on the Prairie every day.  We are also doing some school most days.  For reasons we don’t know, there are fireworks all across the city every night, which we watch from the balcony.  Sometimes we also have incredible cloud to cloud lightning!

IMG_3836Does this Tayo seem a little taller than usual to you? How did they do that?

Keep in touch, and I’ll  work on adding some articles!  I admit that I am an extrovert and thus extremely motivated by comments and questions from the outside world.  I miss you all!


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One Response to Welcome to the blog of while we are away.

  1. Kate says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea Patti. Loads of pictures please. We understand about the weather. No humidity here, either, but we were in the high 30’s and, thankfully, have come down to the mid 20’s. I see lots of berries on trees around – does that signal a bad winter? Just ask Calgary!

    Jellyfish, my those were beautiful. And that peach pie looked scrumptious. A belated Happy Birthday Rich!

    Best to all of you!
    Barry and Kate


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