Guest Post: date harvesting (…abandoned) By Zaylie


me climbing a date palm

Climbing a palm tree is really quite easy there are little spiky things that you can use as hand holds and foot holds.

Patti adds:

Date trees have girl trees and boy trees.  In the spring, the boy trees have branches with pollen which the people harvest.  They take one branch and tie it into the middle of a bundle of girl tree branches with a palm leaf.  They leave it there for a month and then cut the palm leaf and let the fruit begin to develop.  This improves the rate of pollination from about 50% to 90%.

Date plantations are an irrigated crop which is why the trees are grown in the Tozeur Oasis.  In other date plantations we saw, they put plastic bags over the date bunches.  In Tozeur the didn’t, because it NEVER rains there.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES this is all 3 of us climbing the date palm, and the date harvester, who goes to the top

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2 Responses to Guest Post: date harvesting (…abandoned) By Zaylie

  1. Peggy Leake says:

    I am loving all the information.. Keep it up. I especially liked Zaylie’s likes and dislikes.


  2. zoozoo says:

    The Blue girls in the Date Trees … super photos and looks like lots of fun! Love your bravery, strength and dexterity. I’ve never found a date that I would climb a tree for but perhaps fresh ones are so scrumptious they are worth it. Stay safe my little monkeys! xoxoxo


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