Guest Post: Pros and Cons about Tunisia, By Zaylie


Pros Cons
  • From about 7:00 to 9:00 am it is quite nice out. And then it gets really really really hot.
  • There are lots of ancient Roman ruins.   Dougga was my favourite because I climbed into a mausoleum.
  • There are camels and you get to ride on them. We even got to ride on camels in the Sahara desert.
  • There are lots of friendly stray cats. I like to feed and pet them.
  • They grow delicious dates. We bought fresh ones from the market and then dried them on our balcony where the sun hits.
  • We got to go to 2 aqua parks. The one Oscar and Sam would have liked best was a slide where it was pitch dark except for rainbow stripes at the beginning, then you came out into daylight and go around a super-big toilet bowl thing a couple of times and then the water forces you down a tunnel that leads down to the bottom. I loved it.
  • We went parasailing over the ocean.
  • I went snorkeling with mummy and it was so cool. We found four clam shells with mother of pearl in them! I noticed the anemones have purple tips.   Mummy named the fish tail spot– a silver fish with a spot on its tail, midspot–a blue fish with a spot in its middle, cheekspot–bet you can guess what that one looks like, and jackfish– a sideways striped fish.
  • Some streets in Tunisia smell like sewers. Yuck.
  • The summer in Tunisia is so hot that once when we were trying to go to the Sousse Medina I felt like a wilted flower and we went upstairs, changed into our bathing suits, and jumped into the pool right away instead.
  • You can’t drink the water from the tap because it tastes disgusting. We drink about 2 bottles of water a day and so in about a week we throw out about 14 bottles. Tunisia doesn’t have recycling.
  • In the ocean there are lots of jellyfish in the water I got stung on our first day here and trust me, it hurt!!!!!!!!!
  • There is garbage everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!   There are lots of garbage cans but people don’t seem to use them.


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5 Responses to Guest Post: Pros and Cons about Tunisia, By Zaylie

  1. Maeve says:

    What is para-sailing?? It sounds like whatever it is is pretty cool. The times when it is cooler and hot in Tunisia seems to be the same as here. Except it rains (pours!) for part of the day too. My Spanish teacher would like Dougga too because she was an archaeologist. Do you want to be one too? Camel riding sounds fun and bumbpy. Want to ride a horse on the beach with me when you get here? The stray dogs in Mexico made me feel sad especially when I saw one that had only 3 legs and it was hard for him to walk. Waterslides are the best things ever. I think you’re right that Sam would have liked that one. It’s so cool that you found pearls. Did you keep them? I would like to see one. I’m sorry about all the garbage that sounds disgusting. We were learning about ocean garbage and the trouble it gives the turtles (and other fish and animals.) Want to make some painted reusable bags with me? Love, Maeve

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    • pattileake says:

      is that even a question??????? of course I want to to come horse riding with you!!!!!!!
      I will explain the basics of para-sailing. First you get buckled up in a parachute that is attached to a boat with a long rope. The boat starts moving a little bit at a time then faster and faster until is is at full speed (or so it felt) the parachute would fly up into the air!!!!!!! Sounds fun, huh? WELL, IT IS!
      PS, I would like to be an archeologist for a couple of weeks but then i think it would get boring and hot if you were in Tunisia.

      PPS, I’ll bring the pearls to Costa Rica to show you.

      Zaylie hates cats. Octopi are her new favorite animal. Did you know?

      Sorry, I went downstairs to get something which meant leaving Jet alone with the computer, hahaha!

      We’re in France now, I’ll do a post about that later.

      love, Zayzay


  2. zoozoo says:

    Zaylie-Zay-Zoom-Zum you did a fab job of this article. You jogged my memory about jelly fish in Australia … oh ouch did they ever hurt! And they left dramatic red welts across me several times. The aqua park sounds glorious and I wish I could splash along with you. Thanks for the list of cons too … hmmm perhaps I won’t visit afterall. Well done duckie xoxooxxo


  3. pattileake says:

    Thank you for your comment. We’re in France now. I”m going to do a pros and cons list about that next. And about the geocaches that we found. There are lots in Lézat the little town we are in and we check them daily to see if anyone has been to them.

    xoxo Zaylie-Zay-Zoom-Zum


  4. Susan says:

    Halllooooo Za-Za-Lee-La-Zoo-Lee-Loooooo!! I enjoyed your keen observations — you made me feel like I had been there (though luckily not for the jelllyfish. Ouch!) Look forward to hearing about France!


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