Guest Post: How we Broke the Rules in Three Different Countries, By Jet

While traveling we have broken a lot of rules. In fact, we have made the grand achievement of breaking the rules/law in three different coIMG_1137untries. In Tunisia, we sat 6 people to a cab (including the driver), and had Tayo squish down out of sight when we drIMG_1135ove past the police.  When visiting the museum in El Jem, Mummy took a fossil from an ancient column.  We were in a courtyard, and the column was sitting in a pile of old junk.  The column was IMG_1136made of sandstone and just crumbling away. The fossil shell would have fallen out anyway, eventually.  We asked the guard if it was important to the museum, and ‘no, take it”, was the answer.  I think if we were anywhere but Tunisia, taking a fossil from a courtyard in a museum wouldn’t be allowed, but rules in Tunisia are surprisingly absent, except for the number of people in a taxi rule!

Another example of breaking rules in Tunisia was when we went to the waterpark.  Beside each waterslide were posted rules for the slides.  Rules such as how tall you have to be, the age minimum, and allowed body positions for the slide were very clear.  The lifeguards balked a bit when they saw Tayo in line to go down, but once we said she could swim, they waved her through.  Another thing we did on the ‘penguin slides’ was have races sliding headfirst like penguins, hence the name.

When our rental car was broken, we drove without the headlights at night, to keep the engine running.  We took it to 3 mechanics on that trip but it couldn’t be fixed.  Plus, my mum speeds.

In the Netherlands, we used the Gorbets’ museum cards to get in to all the museums, and used their transit cards.  This was fraud.

In France we broke into the cemetery and collected (stole) walnuts (ed.’s note: were the dead people going to use the walnuts? what is ownership when you are dead?).  We plan to dry the nuts and eat them, same as the dates.  Though in this case the cemetery turned out to be open, we just had trouble with the gates (so we jumped the fence).

One other thing.  We were hiking and found a little path leading up to the top of a hill.  We wandered up to the top and saw signs that said Passage Interdit, which means no trespassing.  So we didn’t go inside the towers, we just walked around them.

In New York, we plan to jaywalk.

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9 Responses to Guest Post: How we Broke the Rules in Three Different Countries, By Jet

  1. Maeve says:

    Sam here… Speaking of breaking the rules, I went on two hikes (one with Mom and one with Dad) down a series of waterfalls and part of it was trespassing on our neighbour’s property. Will you trespass with me when you come? It was nice to hear about you climbing over the fence. It’s great that you didn’t just turn back immediately but found a way to the walnuts instead. I don’t like walnuts but I would have settled for those fresh dates.

    Back to Maeve… When we sometimes drive with 6 people in the car, I’m always the one who gets shoved down like Tayo.


    • pattileake says:

      Sam, perhaps you will change your mind about once you have tasted one of OUR walnuts. We are trying to make a dye out of the walnut hulls so we can dye our Halow’een costumes. I’d love to trespass with you.
      Maeve, when we come to visit you and Tayo can sympithyse. She says “I know how you feel. My neck always gets cramped”


      • pattileake says:

        Oh sorry I forgot to say, we have and are watching the entire Little House On The Prairie series (all nine seasons) and are loving it. It even sparked some research projects such as did jellybeans exist in that period of time? and What was that bright yellow raincoat made of? thanks for commenting


  2. zoozoo says:

    Ahahahhah oh Jet-ling this is a delicious story full of funny phrases and vivid images. I can easily imagine you hiding – ahem ‘shoving’ – Tayo below a line of vision, doing the penguin (an arctic animal in the desert!) and climbing fences. But your mum speeds! NO Way, say it aint so! I love the mosaic pics you guys post as I adore tile and stone patterns and I would love to see them in situ as you have. I laughed when I saw that your break-in into the cemetery was unnecessary but surely the ‘buzz’ of jumping the fence was worth it. So great to read your tales and follow your footsteps. lots o’ love xoxoxoxo zoozoo


  3. Kate says:

    When I was a flight attendant, I walked my way to Cypress from Toronto. On one afternoon, my 2 companions and I were running out of Cypriot money – so – we went to a bank. We walked in and slowly every single bank employee on the mezzanine and balcony floors stopped working, froze and stared at us. They thought we were there to rob them. We didn’t know the bank was closed because they hadn’t locked the doors (go figure). When we explained what we needed, the entire bank staff relaxed and laughed. Not law breaking but still – nail biting stuff! Such are the experiences of travel!

    We have a piece of the pyramids at Giza, Egypt. That was H-O-R-R-I-F-I-C-A-L-L-Y unlawful but in our defense, we didn’t steal the piece, it was given to us by our guides! Go figure!

    I would love to spend lots of time talking to you about your experiences! And soon we hope to. With all the pictures!

    Sounds to me as if you guys are having a wonderful time, learning and seeing lots. What an extraordinary adventure! (But I agree, your Mother speeds.)

    Suzannah has just shown me again how to access this post, so expect to see us on this more!

    Enjoy the sun! Enjoy the cake! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy the dates and may the walnuts improve with drying!
    Kate (AKA Snow Queen – ask your Mother)


  4. Kate says:

    And you know what? Jaywalking is just like bank robbing – step out. Laughing!
    Love to all


  5. mgorbet says:

    Hahahahaaaa! Sometimes rules need to be questioned….

    Love reading your blog, guys!


  6. Susan says:


    Loved reading your writing! It made us all laugh.

    Just so you know, using the blue transit cards was not fraud – those are fine to use by anyone.

    Much love,

    PS – I like it when your mum speeds. It gets us there faster, especially when you have a screaming baby in the car 🙂


  7. Kim says:

    Well, I personally find each of these offenses atrocious. Especially that your mother speeds. Certainly, if I were in the vehicle with her, I’d give her a piece of my mind. And perhaps a can of beans. Ask her what I mean about that.

    Upon your return to this country, I will be sitting your entire famy down to a seminar about rules in Canada. In case you’ve forgotten them. This seminar will be 35 hours in length. If you sit still for the duration, I might give you some water to drink and cold gruel to eat. Maybe. If not, I will beat you about the heads with fluffy pillows and tickle each of you under the arms.

    I am enjoying these posts in your blog. Good day.


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