Our Day Trip To Spain, By Jet and Zaylie


IMG_1927 When A.J (our Aunt) was visiting for a week we took a road trip to Spain.  The first thing we did was hop out of the car and go for a swim. The waves were HUGE!


The funicular is indeed fun.


The view from the hill.

After that we wandered around until we found the funiculare, which is a little train that runs up and down the hill. A picture of the funicular. when we got to the top of the hill an amazing view awaited us.  And an amusement park. Me (Zaylie), Tayo, Mummy and Daddy went to a zoo (that had only birds) while A.J and I (Jet) sat on a bench and read.

IMG_1934IMG_1956 IMG_1946 IMG_1943IMG_1947



We rode the funicular to the bottom of the hill and sought out our hotel.  A.J and I (Jet) were in one room and me (Zaylie) and the rest of the family were in the other. When we explored our rooms we found that there were CANDIES under the pillows! It gets dark early in Spain so by the time we walked into the square for a quick (ish) dinner it was dark. We found a pastry place for dessert. It was delicious. We practically fell into our beds and the next morning we walked along the beach side path and split up again. Tayo and Mummy went to the aquarium


This tuna is made of garbage found on the beach. It is mainly made of tuna cans!. It was constructed by Skeleton Sea Group, who work to raise awareness of the state of the seas by making art out of beach garbage.


Duh-nuh. Duh-nuh….TAYO LOOK OUT!

 Daddy went to read and have a cup of tea while A.J took us on a walk around the city. When we all met up again we went to the pastry place from last night. Mummy bought the biggest slice of cake ever.


Man decorates cake.


This is not a case of the perspective being off.


The drive home was long and we stopped at a gas station. We thought we saw a sign for a restaurant. We didn’t think to look behind the gas station until after our sad vending machine meal. We drove another 47 hours and were home.  We can never again truthfully say the words “I have never been to Spain”

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2 Responses to Our Day Trip To Spain, By Jet and Zaylie

  1. zoozoo says:

    Oh Oh Oh how I adore owls! I’m so glad you saw them close up. Am very glad the shark didn’t get our Tayo … hee hee hee fabulous photo idea there! Having the one and only AJ with you must have been super awesome. And well the best thing about any day is cake so what can I say – all in all it seems like going to Spain for the day was wonderful! Have fun, stay safe! xoxoxox miss millie and her zoozoomum.


  2. Alex says:

    You drove 47 hours back to france! I thought it was only 17 hours back to france.I’v never eaten a peice of cake that big in all my career of eating cake!So happy the shark didn’t eat tayo or else she would have no head!ahhh!!!! I love owl’s. I’ll send you a drawing of an really cute owl when you get home! From cousin Alex!


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