Our Home In Hammam Sousse. Feature location: the balcony!

Pool, and our beach bar with the red roof.

Pool, and our beach bar with the red roof.

IMG_0843 2

Our building, from the beach.

Beach Bar menu. We did not try the shark...

Beach Bar menu. We did not try the shark. We found the free beer a bit expensive, to be honest.

We were on the 6th floor of the a building named the Monte Carlo! We didn’t have a sea view, which also meant we did not have a cooling sea breeze.  We could use our balcony before 9am, when the sun came around to our side, and after sunset.  Other times of day it was very useful for drying swim suits and for scorching our feet on the tile.



View to the left.


IMG_0837 2

Sometimes there were camels. The building in the background is abandoned, with no windows.  Tayo and Rich tried to break in, but cactus and other fencing made it impenetrable.


View to the right.  Farm on the left grows carrots.

The sunsets were a nice feature, announcing the time we could go outside again.

Jet did a photo study of the phases of the moon in the sunset.

I liked having empty fields and abandoned buildings beside us.  There was a corresponding long stretch of unpopulated beach, since the next resort was almost a kilometre away.

Zay dried dates on the porch, and, thanks to the fabulo-magnificent Susan Gorbet and her unerring gift-giving sense, we read and played in a silk hammock out there, too! For example, a hammock is a great place to conceal the fact that we seem to have lost Rich’s body.

IMG_1296 IMG_0875 2

Cozy reading, goofy kids, setting for photos of Tunisian dresses…sky view!

IMG_0883 IMG_0879 IMG_0872 2 IMG_0846


We also presented our research on Roman architecture out there.  You can check it out if you wish, but be aware–it’s unedited, and we were kindof presenting in the dark, due to waiting until it was cool….

And Finally…
Look, you need to understand,  this was all Rich’s idea.  Really.  He is the one who suggested we use Jet’s birthday bow and arrow set and shoot off the balcony into the parking lot! It was too hot to leave the house!  Entertainments can be hard to come by! The micro-sized ground crew are Rich and Tayo.
 Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 6.14.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 6.19.04 PM
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One Response to Our Home In Hammam Sousse. Feature location: the balcony!

  1. Alex says:

    The arrow shooting looks like allot of fun!whos arrow went the farthest. Cousin alex


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