An eel??!!! Guest Post by Jet

We are in Costa Rica now and having a great time! We are staying with our friends Sam and Maeve.  Yesterday we went to a beach called Playa San Juanillo, known for its great snorkeling.

IMG_9677 IMG_9687

My mum had just bought me a new snorkel and I was enjoying the sight of all the little fish swimming by when I saw something much bigger. I waved my hand in front of my mum’s mask and she signaled Sam. It was a puffer fish the length of about two apples. We followed it for a bit then moved on.

Ours looked exactly like this only a little smaller


We were about halfway back to shore when my mum indicated  something gray and slithery amongst the rocks. Sam heard my shrieks and thought I had recognized a pelagic sea snake (one of the most venomous animals in Costa Rica and for which there is no anti-venom). We broke a number of world records as we swam to shore faster than believed possible. My mum was laughing so much she could hardly stay afloat (having not followed us out) and was shouting “It’s an eel!  It’s only an eel!” Every body else was laughing at us too and Maeve went to see the eel. She did not (as pointed out later) run or shriek.

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One Response to An eel??!!! Guest Post by Jet

  1. I notice Tayo wearing a mask/snorkel despite not going out snorkeling, because everything has to be FAIR and she deserves a TURN and stop being so MEAN. Or words to that effect.


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