Zip Line

Today we went to a zip lining place called Miss Sky. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!  Some of them were so long and they were all so high. We will describe the morning to you.

We woke up in the usual way, with a game of Crazy 8 Countdown in bed. Then, Sam and Jet woke up and we found out that Sam had a bad earache in the middle of the night and they only had an hour of sleep. We were all feeling a little bit like we had colds. Alison/Mama came upstairs to get us for breakfast and reminded us that today was the day we were going zip lining. We all felt better after that!!

After breakfast, we all piled in to Patti’s car (with six in the back seat!) and drove off. We had to wait for the person at the desk when we got there and so we explored the nearby river which was mucky and I (Zaylie) got a cut on my finger. Then we went back and the woman was there so we got checked in and got all of our gear on (which is a helmet and a harness.) It turns out we were the early birds there. It turns out we would go on a 20 minute drive in the back of a huge pick-up truck that had bench seats to the starting point.

The guides (who were really nice and funny and it looked like they really liked kids) showed us how to be safe on the zipline, put your feet up and not put your hands on the front of the cable. The little kids go first which would be us and Tayo. So we got clipped on to the cable and then the guide behind us got clipped on and we pushed off and we went FLYING!!!


The birds were soaring so high except they were at eye level to us. There was a stream trickling down below and mostly we were zooming over the tree canopy. The first time, we went just with a guide and on the second time, they asked if we wanted to go together with a guide and we said yes, definitely. On some we went super fast but on others we got stuck. Once we got stuck in between the platform things and our guide that was in back of us flipped upside down and put his feet on the wire and walked on it to push us along. Sometimes we got to the platforms we couldn’t touch so we’d have to dangle until the guide came to get us and unclip us. The cables were set up between mountains so that there would be a giant drop in between. It was so beautifulSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

There was one last really long zipline. After we unclipped there was a giant hill we had to climb. They gave us water at the end and then one of the guides made flowers out of the plastic cups and gave them to us. We got a ride back in the pick up truck again. I wish we could do this every morning!


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