Here’s our travel itinerary for our trip.

  • July 12 leave Canada
  • July 13 arrive Tunisia
  • August 1 fly to France for a visit with Aurélie and co.
  • August 7 train to Amsterdam, to see the Gorbets!
  • Aug 19, we part from the Gorbets, back to Tunisia
  • Sept 27 fly to France for round 2 of visiting Aurélie et famille
  • Nov 6 fly to New York City!
  • Nov 9 fly to Costa Rica
  • Dec 24 return to Toronto!!!

We will be getting a visit from my sister in October, and again in November, if anyone wants to send small things along.

Please write, email, respond on the blog, record some audio and put it in dropbox, post a video on youtube and send it….or send communications any way you can.  We’d love to hear from you! While in Tunisia, Skype and FaceTime are not possible.  Maybe in France??



One Response to About

  1. Sofia F. says:

    I want you to come here sooner


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